Dear Marchers


Women’s March photo from Philadelphia. Taken from New York Times, credited to Jacqueline Larma/Associated Press.

Dear Marchers,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

In my last letter, which was also my first, I began by thanking those who have stopped by my page. Today I start by thanking you, the Marchers.

Whatever gender you identify as, thank you for standing up for humanity. Whether you have a female loved one or not, thank you for standing up for women’s rights. Regardless of where you are marching or how many there are around you, thank you for standing up. History is watching you with bright eyes for not only believing in your voice but also the power behind it.

I hope the experience has left you proud, empowered, unafraid, inspired, and determined. I hope you looked around and saw children atop shoulders with hands gripping signs, as they one day will with their futures. I hope you heard the voice of passion roaring louder than ever, refusing to go unnoticed. I hope you felt the anger of injustice and the fortitude that comes with making right the wrong. I hope you know that your movement has and will resonate through the hearts of those who have done the same before and who are yet to have their own beat.

There are many of you and there will always continue to be more. But there are also many who would’ve loved to march but couldn’t. Please don’t ostracize them, they are just as much part of the movement as you are. They are grateful to you for standing up when they couldn’t. They may have donated to supporting organisations, they may have made signs for others to hold, and they may have spread the word about these events. You never know. Now is not the time to hate. There are many who would’ve loved to march but couldn’t, but that does not mean they haven’t left footprints alongside yours.

So thank you, Marchers. As you march, each step marks history and a future paved. And be sure that no such footprint shall fade.


A Letter Per Person

P.S Here’s a link for you to see what more we can and should do: 

And here’s a link of Women’s March photos from all over the world:


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