Dear Muslim Friends

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Dear Muslim Friends,

I am so sorry for the state that our world is in. I am speaking particularly about the Muslim ban Donald Trump has signed but this is for all of you all around the world.

I really truly am sorry at how little society has changed. I am so sorry that you and so many other minority groups have to pay for this lack of growth. I genuinely am sorry.

But I am also extremely angry. I had initially written “and angry” after every time I apologized in this letter. The only reason I deleted them was because it was far more important for me that you knew I am first hurting with you. My sorrow is a reaction to what you are facing but my anger is my response. My anger fuels my action to help you.

I am not a Muslim and I will not pretend to know what you are going through. As a non-Muslim, I can only offer you my love, support, and solidarity:

  • Know you can talk to me

The best way is by direct messaging me on Twitter. I am not a professional but I am both a stranger and a friend. I can’t and won’t judge you because I don’t know you. I can and will listen because I am your friend.

  • (Re)Educate me

If I ever say anything wrong, tweet something insensitive, misunderstood anything, please let me know. I am trying to educate myself but with that often comes all sorts of misinterpretations. So please, know that I am trying and I mean no hate. You pointing these things out will help me.

  • Tell me how to do more

I am always looking for how I can do more. You are the people who know best about Islamophobia, being a minority, and victims of hate crime so you are the people who we need to listen to to understand and empathize and call for change. And so while I do my own part to understand, I would also love to know your thoughts on what we can do to stand with you, how we can stand with you, and how you want us to stand with you.

Please know you are loved. Despite bigoted “leaders” and negative media, there are people out there who love you. Don’t change your beliefs, values, and identity for those who are too close-minded to embrace the beautifully wide spectrum of humanity. You are important. You are seen. You are loved.


A Letter Per Person


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