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Dear Travel Bloggers,

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Image by A Letter Per Person.

Dear Travel Bloggers,

I love what you do. Looking at your travel photos and reading about your adventures are what motivates me to step out of my comfort zone. You teleport my soul to wherever you post about and it inspires me to work so that one day I can travel there, mind and body, for myself. That’s a talent not everyone has.

I read about your adventures and imagine what mine will be like. Who will by my travel squad? Where will we stay? How long will we travel for? This is how I start my mornings. It reminds me that we’re never rooted in one place, and that the world is full of amazing sights waiting for us – waiting for me.

And I admire what you do more because I could never do what you do. I’m just too selfish. When I stand at the foot of a gorgeous waterfall, being sprinkled with glistening droplets and deafened by the sight’s roar, I’d just soak up the scene for myself. It wouldn’t occur to me to try and share it with anyone other than the people I’m with. The same goes for when I’m miniaturized by the grandeur of the Stonehenge, engulfed in the blue waters of Bora Bora, and inspired by our own capabilities at the Sistine Chapel. The best I can do is take photos I’ll never post, except for the rare one on Instagram.

I love what you do, it motivates me, but I could never do it. So thank you, for inspiring me in ways I can never do for myself.



A Letter Per Person

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