Dear Unit 1,

5 Unit 1
Image by A Letter Per Person. Image Description: A black and white photo of several house blueprints overlaid each other with the world “Welcome” written on top in cursive and a seed sprouting below the word.

Dear Unit 1,

I miss you guys so much already. You guys are the perfect example of “our lives crossing for a reason”.

Our paths crossed right when I was struggling to get out of an abusive relationship. When I moved in, I was still in it and that’s why I wasn’t around a lot in the first few months or so. But I was eventually able to end that relationship and start the life I wanted for me in Sydney. And you guys let it happen.

You guys gave me a home and a family when I was so far away from mine. For me to have a physical space to call my own was such a huge help, something anyone going through abuse needs. The sound of one of you singing while cooking made this more than just a place I was renting. The joys of a couple of you gaming in the living room made me feel less alone. Getting to meet your partners made everything more fun because they were such fun and good-hearted people too!

I never went through a heartbroken phase because I knew I did the right thing by escaping my relationship but I did fear no longer having a social circle. But that soon disappeared because of all your differently cheerful and kind personalities! It was so fun to live with you guys, to get to know you all, especially because we’re all pretty different and lead very different lives. Just trying to schedule a get together for a movie was a task! Plus, slowly forming our friendships gave me the confidence to start reaching out to my university friends again.

I know it’s not easy to welcome a stranger into your living space, for some of you it was your childhood and family home. But I am so thankful that you not only did that for me but you all opened your hearts as well! I am so thankful because that kind gesture really saved me from what could’ve easily been me being stuck with that toxic partner or becoming a shut-in or anything in between, any of which would’ve ultimately been a life I’d hate and regret.

I understand if some of you are surprised because I’ve never really talked about these things before. But trust me, I felt every bit of gratitude that I could not voice. I love you guys so much for being the best housemates I’ve ever had. We all know how rare it is to have good housemates so for you guys to be that and more was the absolute best. I will always have love and friendship for you all and that will never change no matter where or who we live with. Stay in touch because we definitely will cross paths again!


A Letter Per Person

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