Dear 2019 Me,

Dear 2019 Me, It’s been a very mentally challenging year, hasn’t it? You spent so much time in your head, half of the time it was your fault and the other half you couldn’t help. You spent so much of this year in your thoughts that it felt like time stood still most of the … Continue reading Dear 2019 Me,

Dear Green Dream Team,

Dear Green Dream Team, I could sit here and try to figure out every possible combination of the English language that would equate to me thanking all of you. While that would be an amazing feat, it still wouldn’t be enough to capture just how grateful and in debt I am to each and every … Continue reading Dear Green Dream Team,

Dear Mister “No Bag, Thanks”,

Dear Mister “No Bag, Thanks”, I noticed the many, many scares on your arms immediately. It was the first thing I noticed: one, because I don’t really look up to make eye contact with customers like I should be so I was already looking down at your shopping items, and two, I’ve seen scars like … Continue reading Dear Mister “No Bag, Thanks”,